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Bullying is defined as an intentional behavior that hurts, harms, or humiliates a student, either physically or emotionally. Those bullying often have more social or physical “power,” while those targeted have difficulty stopping the behavior. The behavior is typically repeated over time.


Bullying Prevention efforts at Curry Middle include the following:

  • Values Matter lessons and activities on respect, kindness, and cooperation

  • School administrators, counselors, and staff investigate reported incidents of bullying

  • Disciplinary Consequences (according to Code of Student Conduct) for continuous bullying behaviors

  • Parent Workshop on topic of Bullying Prevention

  • Counseling services for students who bully and for targets of bullying 

    • Mediation (Conflict Resolution resolution) if bullying is unfounded

  • NOTE: Parents should not contact the bully or the bully's family directly.

Bullying Prevention
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