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Curry's Counselors Care
Counseling Services provided:
  • Individual Counseling

  • Small Group Counseling

  • Large Group Guidance (Assemblies)

  • Academic Advising

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • Grief Counseling

  • Crisis Counseling

  • Parent Consultations

  • Parent Workshops


6th grade (M-Z) and 7th 

305-222-2775 ext. 2051

6th (A-L)  and 8th

305-222-2775 ext. 2031

The School Counseling Program is part of the Student Services Team, which includes, Ms. Redero, School Psychologist and Ms. Negrin, School Social Worker, who work closely with the school counselors to address academic, attendance, and personal/ social issues that may interfere with the learning process.

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